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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

UNunConditional Love

Why have we became a people that shows conditional love instead of unconditional love?
We have became a people who now only show "IF" love.. We will love you IF you became like us, IF you change how you dress, IF you believe what i believe, IF you change whom God has made you to be, IF IF IF IF.. the list goes on.

Something that comes to mind (and it may be off the topic but hey its my blog so what the heck:) is: Why are "Christians" Hating/Scaring people in to knowing God and not Loving people in to Knowing God? Why are we so scared of "THEM"? I think the truth is that the "THEM" are scared of us because of how much we tend to hate and not love..

Well thats enough of my first ever try at this... I hope I get some intresting replies